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My name is Claudia Escu and I am the person you want with you when you feel you want to start a new life.

I meet you with all the tools necessary for you to rediscover yourself, to understand your power, value and true identity, to be reborn as a complete person, fulfilled and in full agreement with yourself and the world. Thus, you will be able to succeed not only in what you set out to do, but also in what is “written” for you to succeed.

I am a trainer, a specialist in quantum medicine, personal development counselor, intuitive life coach-strategist.

I provide you with the knowledge and experience gained through international study and certifications, through dozens of courses and conferences in Romania and around the world.

But, above all, I give you the certainty of your transformation.

Dozens, maybe hundreds of people have given up false ideas, illusions and blockages of all kinds, to start a new life with all the energy that the consciousness of personal power can give you. I saw the change with my own eyes. It is a change initiated, encouraged and supported by me, with the means and “tools” I have.

These means are at your disposal from the moment you decide that you want to start a new life and you want me with you as a guide, mentor and educator.

I am a creator of concepts.

I create and put at your disposal metaphysical tools, such as invocations, statements, “prayers” and personalized mantras, appropriate to each case and situation. As human beings, we naturally feel the need for rituals of approach and communication with what we call “absolute,” “divine,” or “God.” I help you to sit in harmony with the immanent, in full agreement with your personality and your ability to open yourself to spirituality. Inner peace and a sense of harmony with the Universe are useful and powerful tools for revealing the true “I”, which is always beneficial to your personality.

I am a trainer and specialist in quantum medicine.

Through assessment and awareness sessions of your true imbalances, I can support you to solve, sometimes, on the spot, problems that you consider impossible to solve. In addition, I can guide you to a personalized and accelerated process of self-healing that can change your life for the better forever.

I am a personal development counselor.

From the first discussions we can identify the areas that slow down your evolution as a person, whether it is relationships, programs and harmful mental patterns or setting goals that are not appropriate for your personality. I guide you in a process of awakening, awareness and commitment, to unlock and trigger the natural process of self-healing. A new life always begins with the natural understanding and detachment from old sufferings and non-beneficial habits.

I am a therapist in complementary therapies.

Often, a single type of therapy partially solves mental or mental problems. When you work with me, I provide you with the most appropriate “tools” for healing, from all areas of alternative therapies, in a personalized “mix” so that you can be sure that you do not remain the “slave” of a certain therapy after you have you healed, replacing one addiction with another.

I invite you to take the first step towards the new life you want. Contact me.

Alternatively, read and watch written, audio and video material that I publish here. More than once, my words have provoked revelations that have triggered people’s need to change their lives for the better.

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Thank you for following my work.

With love,
Claudia Escu
Mentor, advisor and intuitive strategist