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I work miracles. When I bring back together, piece by piece, the soul, the personality or the mentality of a man, and then that man rises from the abysses of despair and walks straight, strong and confident on the path of his unique destiny, this is a miracle.

I always say that in every so-called “ordinary” man lies a miracle of a man who wants to come to light. This is where I step in. Here I help. I turn a man into a miracle of a man.

I turn a man who thinks he suffers from loneliness, into a man who enjoys solitude as an infinite source of his inner power. Thus, knowing that solitude is strength, not weakness, our man becomes a magnet for those who want to know the secret of his power. That way, he is never alone again.

I turn a man who thinks he is under the curse of poverty, into a man who feels so rich that wealth blesses him, seeks him and pours out on him and his loved ones, like an avalanche of joy.

I turn the woman who slumbers in her lack of self-confidence, or who struggles in the nightmare of addiction to a man, into a conscious woman, awakened to the reality of the wonder that she is.

I transform despair into hope. I turn bad luck into gold and I point to a destiny instead of the path which the man no longer sees.

I turn a shadow into a person.

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